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As a learner, Destiny One allows me to…

  • Receive the service and experience I expect as a consumer
  • Manage interactions with the school, from first inquiry through registration and beyond through a personal portal
  • Obtain web-based self-service access to profiles and historical financial information
  • Manage how the school communicates with me and what information I am sent
  • Address any questions I have through the contact method I choose
  • Engage with the school as an individual student or as part of my company’s corporate training program
  • Preview courses and certificates through course overview pages or videos offered on the web site
  • Purchase parking passes, order transcripts, or access other e-commerce services
  • Progress toward credential completion by tracking what I have completed and what’s left for me to complete


I can achieve my goals and dreams with a school that understands my needs.

As a president, Destiny One allows me to…

  • Increase revenues by providing programs that are relevant to non-traditional students
  • Create access for a wide range of non-traditional students by easing the bureaucratic roadblocks that present barriers to these learners
  • Grow enrollment by responding quickly to market needs
  • Manage students with one integrated system, regardless of whether they are credit or non-credit, full-time or part-time, local or international, online or in-class
  • Guarantee the security of student information and remain aligned to federal and state regulatory standards

I can increase revenue streams by engaging effectively with non-traditional students.

As a dean, Destiny One allows me to…

  • Attract new revenues from increased program enrollment
  • Provide learners with better service and offer them the customer experience they expect
  • Increase staff productivity by automating tasks and leveraging workflows
  • Empower my marketing team with unique profile data that enables them to design strategic campaigns to help relationships with non-traditional student
  • Monitor program success in real-time
  • Cater to all types of non-traditional students, including those pursuing corporate or contract training courses and programs

I can grow revenues through increased enrollment and monitor the success of programs in real time.

As a CIO, Destiny One allows me to…

  • Intelligently route information between non-traditional units and all other campus systems
  • Secure sensitive data with the software platform’s PCI PA-DSS certification
  • Maximize the investment in our conventional SIS, LMS, and financial systems
  • Gain economies of scale as the software consolidates common administration and support functions while supporting multiple campus divisions
  • Continue to harness the power and scalability of a cloud-based SaaS platform to meet my new requirements
  • Enforce a consistent IT policy across all of my systems, while taking advantage of best practices built into the lifelong learning software
  • Provide a framework that allows staff across the institution to engage with students

I can manage the entire school through a state-of-the-art, integrated environment.

As a CFO, Destiny One allows me to…

  • Maximize my return on investment
  • Execute on-demand queries to over 50 financial reports for all of my finance requirements
  • Access over 150 standard reports on a daily basis
  • Roll up net revenue from non-traditional divisions into overall revenue reporting
  • Empower students to view their account history online
  • Protect sensitive data with Destiny One’s PCI PA-DSS certification
  • Intelligently integrate data across campus systems to provide real-time progress of courses, programs, budgets and performance
  • Manage billing for corporate accounts within the system

I can obtain a complete financial picture through on-demand queries to a multitude of Destiny One financial reports.

As a registrar, Destiny One allows me to…

  • Streamline the registration process by giving students a self-service portal to their profiles, courses (credit and non-credit) and financial information
  • Provide staff comprehensive historical and contextual so they can easily respond to inquiries immediately
  • Manage waitlists, drops, and transfers
  • Provide multiple registration and payment options through an online shopping cart (including the ability to bill third parties) to streamline the registration process and increase satisfaction among non-traditional students
  • Manage and track contact hours
  • Obtain real-time access to profit and loss monitoring
  • Communicate and synchronize class list data with campus enrollment systems

I can streamline and govern enrollments while empowering learners with a rich, secure, self-service environment.

As a program manager, Destiny One allows me to…

  • Track enrollment, revenues, and student grades in real time
  • Configure and manage certificate offerings
  • Manage instructor contracts
  • Automate the course development process from proposal to final approval, section creation, publishing and enrollment, helping me get new programs to market faster and easier
  • Automate publishing of courses online to meet the just-in-time demands of non-traditional students
  • Print program, certificate, and course-specific brochures quickly
  • Manage classroom reservations, instructor resources, and staff allocation
  • Manage all courses and programs online, whether distance learning, e-learning, or in-class
  • Integrate seamlessly with our LMS

I can grow existing programs while identifying new market opportunities.

As a director of marketing, Destiny One allows me to…

  • Gain insights into non-traditional learners’ preferences, goals, and interests so I can directly respond to their distinct needs
  • Use powerful business intelligence tools to target these learner segments with relevant offerings to increase enrollments and loyalty
  • Identify the effectiveness of marketing programs with closed-loop feedback to identify which vehicles worked and which were ineffective
  • Accelerate online and print publishing to expedite programs from inception to completion
  • Keep the website content current without having to learn HTML or other programming tools
  • Take advantage of SEO capabilities
  • Create a responsive website that fully incorporates our brand

I can grow revenues through targeted marketing campaigns and learner relationship management strategies.

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