Sales Engineer

Perfect opportunity for insightful sales engineer

Destiny Solutions is looking for a Sales Engineer/Pre-­sales Solutions Architect who can work with key players at leading North American colleges and universities to match their business drivers to the technical capabilities in our software.

We work with colleges and universities looking to revolutionize how they do business and how they engage with students— and our software is a game changer. You will use your sound business acumen, strong technical aptitude, and creative problem solving skills to make an impact in our growing business and the blooming higher education industry.

The Opportunity

#1) The Market
The higher education market is looking at huge growth, and so are we. You will be instrumental in driving growth for our company, as well as creating growth at the institutions we serve.

#2) The Client
Destiny Solutions already has an impressive roster of clients and a very highly-­‐regarded product. Our clients are amongst the top universities and are arguably the most forward thinking in the industry. It is worth noting that they believe in us so strongly that they trust us with their business critical operations. We are now expanding into new markets within the non‐traditional higher education space and building trust across other divisions.

#3) The Knowledge
We believe that in order to serve higher education, we need to be specialists in it. Destiny Solutions staff are amongst the foremost experts in non‐traditional higher education and take an active role in educating the industry through our robust content library and our digital publication The EvoLLLution. Because of our intimate knowledge of the industry, we are able to craft a product that offers best practices and speaks specifically to the unique needs of higher education leaders.

Role and Responsibilities

This position is appropriate for a seasoned technology pre‐sales professional who has a strong technical aptitude. The candidate will enjoy working independently, as well as collaborating with rest of the team. The main functions of the role are below.

  • Be a subject matter expert

You will be explaining the entire software suite to prospects, teaching them how it works and how it can help them. You will be need to be an expert on everything Destiny One, with a firm grasp on the product, the processes, and the best practices it supports.

  • Lead the business discovery process

You will lead the business discovery process with prospective clients. You will lead a series of presentations, demonstrations and technology discussions in order to understand and document how the prospect’s organization functions and the key business and technical requirements.

  • Analyze technical environments

You will analyze ambiguous and sometimes complex technical and organizational environments. You will be responsible for understanding data architecture, data models and business drivers and then translating these elements into product use cases and processes that help the prospective client achieve their goals.

  • Write RFPs and create collateral

You will participate actively in responding to RFPs and RFIs. You will also work collaboratively with the sales and marketing departments to create collateral and documentation. You will play a critical role in helping to translate complex technical capabilities into a language that resonates with key players at higher education institutions.

Requirement and Qualifications

  • Education:
    • University degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Business or equivalent technical background and skills
    • 5+ years’ experience in presales/consulting environment preferably within the application software industry
    • Experience in higher-education software applications is desirable, although not a requirement
  • Knowledge and Skills:
    • Strong process development skills; ability to transform prospect requirements and current business processes into best practices
    • Ability to lead brainstorming and interactive sessions with an audience of senior decision makers and executives
    • Proven ability to improve relationships and performance between departments (i.e. sales, marketing and R&D)
    • Knowledge of web‐based applications, deployment methods (including hosting), and J2EE related technologies
    • Strong aptitude for learning new technical skills, including configuring demonstration environments deployed on Amazon Web Services
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Other requirements:
    • Happy to frequently travel on short trips

How to Apply

*Please email your resume to and make sure to include the JOB TITLE “Sales Engineer” in the subject of your message.

We are an equal opportunity employer. We thank you for your interest and look forward to hearing from you.

Please note that ONLY QUALIFIED CANDIDATES will be contacted for this opportunity. We are growing and do however welcome you to send your resume for future opportunities and/or other roles for which you might be a better fit.

About Destiny Solutions

Destiny Solutions is transforming how North American universities and colleges engage and manage “non-traditional” students and curriculum. We create software for universities and colleges that helps them to successfully attract, manage and retain their non-traditional students. Our software platform, Destiny OneTM, fosters business excellence and catalyzes world-class customer engagement between educators and learners.

What makes us truly unique is that our company is committed exclusively to developing innovative software for the non-traditional education market. Our software development team, comprised of professionals and subject matter experts, is the largest of its kind. We offer an incredible breadth and depth of knowledge about this unique market segment and are a trusted partner in the evolution of nontraditional higher education.

We work with enterprising educators at institutions seeking opportunity in today’s turbulent times. Our customers represent the market leaders in continuing education and lifelong learning. Some of our clients include Stanford, Duke, Penn State, Georgetown, UC Berkeley and the University of Toronto.