Non-Traditional Students

Across the United States higher education administrators are waking up to a fact leaders of enterprising colleges and universities have known for years; the student demographic is changing and institutions need to evolve to keep up. The average student is no longer an 18-22 year old full-time, residential student pursuing a degree. Today’s student is more likely to be an adult, enrolled part-time while working, and pursuing competencies to help them advance professionally. More attuned to making major purchases, non-traditional students expect a high level of engagement to enroll and stay at an institution, but they will remain with an institution throughout their career if they are served well.

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Whitepaper: Improve your relationship management to attract and retain non-traditional students

Communicating with Students

Download this white paper to learn how you can improve your relationship management to attract and retain non-traditional students.

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Executive Guide: 6 Requirements for Attracting & Retaining Non-Traditional Students

6 Requirements for Attracting and Retaining Non-Traditional Students

Six high-level strategies you can implement to embrace non-traditional students and turn them into customers for life.

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White Paper: How Online Shopping Has Set the Bar for Your Student Experience

Online Shopping: A Guide to Non-Traditional Students’ Needs and Wants

Learn how you can use online shopping's best practices to exceed expectations with your institution's digital consumer experience.

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eBook: What Your Adult Students Want

What Your Adult Students Want

Stop guessing and start knowing what your adult and non-traditional learners want out of their higher education experience.

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The Customer Service Myth in Non-Traditional Education

The Customer Service Myth in Non-Traditional Education

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

If you’re worried that customer service is going to make students feel like customers you’re too late—they already think of themselves as customers. Across all industries, companies are doing everything they can to reduce the red tape their customers need to navigate because complexity equates to a bad customer experience.

Redfining the Student Experience in Higher Education

Redefining the Student Experience in Higher Education

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Rising numbers of non-traditional students have made the customer experience central to the student experience. The consumer mindset they bring to the table is forcing colleges and universities to change the way they operate.

What Higher Education Can Learn from Online Retailers

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Value of a Customized Shopping Experience for Students Today’s non-traditional students are savvy shoppers. They know how to find what they need on the Internet and expect all sites…

Competing in the Adult Student Marketplace

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Non-traditional students provide lucrative opportunities for institutions agile enough to respond and effectively understand their needs. Higher education is in a state of flux, and institutions need new revenue streams…

Case Studies


Destiny One Case Study: University of Guelph OpenEd

University of Guelph OpenEd has benefitted from implementing Destiny One by providing students with high-touch experiences, allowing for staff efficiencies and the ability for extensive reporting capabilities.

Temple University Case Study with Destiny One

Destiny One Case Study: Temple University

This 6-minute read will walk you through the specific pain points that Temple University solves by using Destiny One Software.

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