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Destiny One – The Lifelong Learning Platform and What it Means to You

Destiny One  is an all-encompassing higher education software platform designed to forge, manage and cultivate lifelong learning relationships. Destiny One provides lifetime loyalty management and significantly increases staff productivity. This continuing education management system incorporates lifelong learning best practices, flexibility and responsiveness to student needs with a rich online experience, curriculum agility, lifelong learner-specific analytics and performance management capabilities.

Each higher education stakeholder directly benefits from the power of Destiny One.

  • Lifelong Learner –achieve goals based on unique needs and schedules
  • President – increase lifelong learning revenue streams
  • Dean – grow and monitor the success of programs in real-time
  • CIO – manage the entire school from an integrated state-of-the-art environment
  • CFO – obtain a complete financial picture through on-demand queries to a multitude of Destiny One reports
  • Registrar – streamline and govern enrollments while empowering learners with a rich, secure, self-service environment
  • Program Manager – grow existing programs while identifying new market opportunities
  • Director of Marketing – grow revenues through targeted marketing campaigns and learner relationship management strategies

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