University of calgary

What we saw was a company focused on the needs of continuing education; CE is their only customer. Destiny Solutions’ intentional focus on continuing education provides us with a software system that meets our business critical requirements and supports our goal to better serve our constituents.

– Scott McLean | Director of Continuing Education, University of Calgary

The first thing to consider Is time to market for new courses and programs. If you can take a course and program or a new program and meet the demand the industry or the public has efficiently and quickly, then you’re going to be successful. It’s all about increasing the speed of your approvals. You can use technology to help automate your workflows and approval process. As opposed to the traditional methods, perhaps, that many institutions have where there are multiple paper documents that have to be circulated, if you can use those and turn those into electronic formats or workflows, you can expedite or speed up your time to market. Thus, you would be more effective and you would serve the market and increase your opportunity

– Robert Wensveen | Associate Director of Continuing Education, University of Calgary