Bridging the Gap: Maintaining Relationships to Ensure Corporate Training Success

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Academic rigor and innovative offerings are often central to an institution’s value proposition, but attracting and maintaining corporate clients goes beyond curriculum development. If a corporate training partnership is to be successful, the institution needs to shift their perspective beyond the classroom. Simply put, it’s not just about teaching and learning anymore.

As the service provider, it is up to the institution to meet the needs of the corporation, and good customer service is one of the most important needs on the list. Corporations are used to dealing with other businesses for a myriad of needs, and they expect their corporate training provider to play at the same high level. Integral to this concept is a two-way dialogue between both partners. An institution must understand what their corporate partner requires and must maintain regular communication to gather feedback.

Furthermore, although building a strong relationship extends beyond academia, custom courses and programs can be an ace in the hole for universities agile enough to deliver. From a financial standpoint, it is near impossible to create a one-off curriculum for each client, but by creating a customizable framework, institutions can really differentiate their offerings.

It is not enough to simply win a corporate training contract. In order to develop a true partnership and keep it going in the long run, the university must be highly responsive to the needs of their business partners.

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