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As the student population evolves, so too does their demand from higher education, not only in terms of the service they receive but also in their end goals. Today’s learner is an adult continuously returning to college over the course of their career to upgrade their skills and competencies. To that end, a baccalaureate or master’s degree is no longer necessarily the credential students seek. More and more students are looking for short-term credentials, like certificates and certifications (among others), and colleges need to respond. Of course, managing these shorter-credential offerings requires institutions to have a different toolbox than one that only manages the pursuit of degrees.

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Attract and Retain Learners with Digital Badges

Attract and Retain Learners with Digital Badges

This Guide will outline the benefits of micro-credentials and digital badges for higher education institutions.

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Using Certificates to Grow and Retain Your Student Base

Using Certificates to Grow & Retain Your Student Base

This checklist will outline six steps institutions can take to ensure certificates will increase lifetime engagement with students and enhance the overall success of programming.

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Professional Certificates eBook

Professional Certificates and Training for Working Adults

In a battle for professional relevancy, higher education needs to shift away from a degree-only view to embrace the diversity (and enrollments) that come with offering alternative credentials.

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eBook - 6 Types of Credentials Non-Traditional Students Want

6 Types of Credentials Non-Traditional Students Want

Non-traditional students seek credentials in order to increase their employability, but traditional credentials are no longer sufficient. Use this executive guide to explore credentials in demand with non-traditional students.

Executive Guide   Learn More

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Flexibility and Unbundling in Higher Education

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

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