Non-Traditional Students

Across the United States higher education administrators are waking up to a fact leaders of enterprising colleges and universities have known for years; the student demographic is changing and institutions need to evolve to keep up. The average student is no longer an 18-22 year old full-time, residential student pursuing a degree. Today’s student is more likely to be an adult, enrolled part-time while working, and pursuing competencies to help them advance professionally. More attuned to making major purchases, non-traditional students expect a high level of engagement to enroll and stay at an institution, but they will remain with an institution throughout their career if they are served well.

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Customer Lifecycle Management and the Student Experience

Learn how customer lifecycle management systems can directly impact and improve the student experience you're delivering.

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Whitepaper: Improve your relationship management to attract and retain non-traditional students

Communicating with Students

Download this white paper to learn how you can improve your relationship management to attract and retain non-traditional students.

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Executive Guide: 6 Requirements for Attracting & Retaining Non-Traditional Students

6 Requirements for Attracting and Retaining Non-Traditional Students

Six high-level strategies you can implement to embrace non-traditional students and turn them into customers for life.

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White Paper: How Online Shopping Has Set the Bar for Your Student Experience

Online Shopping: A Guide to Non-Traditional Students’ Needs and Wants

Learn how you can use online shopping's best practices to exceed expectations with your institution's digital consumer experience.

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eBook: What Your Adult Students Want

What Your Adult Students Want

Stop guessing and start knowing what your adult and non-traditional learners want out of their higher education experience.

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Case Studies

Destiny One Case Study: OISE

Destiny One is helping OISE Continuing and Professional Learning to transform the Professional Student Experience.

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Destiny One Case Study: University of San Diego

Destiny One is helping University of San Diego Professional and Continuing Education do more with less, by helping them deliver a rich student experience while increasing staff efficiency and capacity.

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