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Today’s students have extremely high expectations of the customer experience offered by colleges and universities, but it can be difficult to fulfill these expectations by building everything in-house. After all, creating a first-rate customer experience requires colleges to offer services and a level of engagement that matches America’s largest customer-oriented organizations. Given these expectations, and the shrinking budgets of many institutions, leaders need to do an internal assessment to determine what their team is truly capable of, and where internal time is best spent. Then, leaders need to look to partners and service providers to help fill in the gaps.

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White Paper: How Choosing the Right Vendor Can be the Difference Between Success and Failure

Innovators vs Fabricators

Understand how innovative vendors protect you from meltdowns today and in the future.

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eBook: Vendor Partnerships in Higher Education

Pathways to Innovation: Vendor Partnerships in Higher Education

First-hand accounts of how a vendor partnership can create improvements across your institution.

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Executive Guide: 6 Vital Components for a Successful Vendor Partnership

6 Vital Components for a Successful Vendor Partnership

Dig into the elements that create successful, and profitable, vendor partnerships for higher education programs.

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Case Studies

University of Calgary

Destiny One Case Study: University of Calgary

Destiny Solutions is helping to University of Calgary Division of Continuing Education improve their software ROI with an Operational Health Check.

University of San Diego Logo

Destiny One Case Study: University of San Diego

Destiny One is helping University of San Diego Professional and Continuing Education do more with less, by helping them deliver a rich student experience while increasing staff efficiency and capacity.

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