Customer Support

An Exceptional Team

Since 2001, Destiny Solutions has consistently delivered innovative non-traditional higher education software systems and services to satisfy the needs of educators and learners determined to achieve lifelong learning goals.

Destiny Solutions’ exceptional customer service and support team is passionate about product quality and customer care. Offering industry best practices in higher education software development, implementation, service and support, Destiny’s Solutions’ success is based on its ability to help customers reach and exceed their goals.

Destiny Solutions’ customer service and support program has been designed to deliver knowledgeable responses, from reported issues to solution implementation, through a dedicated support representative. This ensures satisfaction through response guarantees and resolution targets so that within a short time frame, customer expectations are expediently and expertly managed.

For newly activated Destiny One installations, customer service and support experts provide onsite training for each stakeholder on this superior higher education software system. As a result, a school or institution’s staff becomes productive much more quickly.

Destiny Solutions’ customer service and support team also provides needs and impact analysis, streamlining and efficiency analysis and end-user mentoring services to help its customers maximize their investment in Destiny One continuing education software.

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