Make data-driven decisions with Destiny One Dashboards

Destiny One Dashboards, powered by Tableau®, are engaging and powerful data visualizations that allow higher education leaders to see trends and operate their businesses with data-driven intelligence. Higher education institutions are always gathering data, but often suffer from data overload. Destiny One Dashboards empower higher education leaders to leverage data in a user-friendly and actionable way.

Unlike other institution-centric platforms, Destiny One puts the student experience first and it allows institutions to engage their learners with world-class customer service. Already offering an Amazon-like shopping experience, Destiny One Dashboards further empower higher education institutions to engage their learners by putting actionable business intelligence at their fingertips.

Destiny One Dashboards give schools access to data visualizations in the following categories:

  • Curriculum and Offerings
  • Enrollments
  • Financials
  • Applications
  • Student/Group Outcomes
  • Instructors
  • Facilities

Destiny One Dashboards - Here is the selection of dashboards pertaining to enrollments available in Destiny Ones' dashboard view.

Here is a sample of the enrollment dashboards available in Destiny One.

One Example Dashboard

Sample Destiny One dashboard

This sample dashboard represents the enrollment patterns of a specific course.

This Enrollment Dashboard shows the net enrollment count for a single course section over time with a comparison to other historical sections of the same course, allowing staff to forecast and understand that course’s performance relative to previous years. On all dashboards, staff can filter what data is displayed and can drill into any specific data points.

University and college staff can then use the information to make crucial operational decisions that allow them to better serve their learners. For example, the dashboard described above allows school staff to see if it is typical that a course fills up at the last minute, or if it fills up early. This intel facilitates numerous decisions – from how and when to market the course to how to allocate space, from whether it should be cancelled for low enrollment to whether more sections are needed, and much more.

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