Key Features of Destiny One

Curriculum Manager

The Curriculum Manager lets you plan and manage your courses, programs and certificates. Your curriculum forms the backbone of your school and the Curriculum Manager gives your staff the tools they need to craft offerings and serve students consistently in the best way possible.

  • Use workflows to be more efficient and effective

  • The Curriculum Manager provides collaborative workflows that automate the repetitive aspects of curriculum creation and alert the right people at the right time when their input is needed. Workflows make curriculum management efficient and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

  • Decrease time-to-market for new courses

  • The Curriculum Manager’s approval process isn’t tied to specific dates so you can get new courses up and running anytime. Market needs are changing quickly and opportunity won’t wait until the start of the next semester.

  • Capture all information in one place

  • The Curriculum Manager captures all information related to your offerings, including rich media, fee information, prerequisite requirements, search engine optimization (SEO) keywords and much more. It connects with your website, your course calendar, your learning management systems (LMS), and your corporate portals to display the right information to the right audience. You only have to input the curriculum information once, but you can use it everywhere.

  • Repurpose offerings to engage in multiple ways

  • In addition to letting you use curriculum information in multiple places, you can also use it in multiple ways. The Curriculum Manager’s flexibility supports numerous pricing models and delivery methods even for the same course. It also lets you set up certificates and unbundle and repackage offerings to be used across different markets and for different students.

    Watch this short 5 minute demo on the Curriculum Manager walking you through how this tool gives staff the means to craft offerings and serve students consistently in the best way possible.