Key Features of Destiny One

Enrollment Manager

Enrolling learners in programs that fit their needs is one of the school’s most important functions. The Enrollment Manager gives staff a highly-automated, yet flexible infrastructure that helps to increase registrations and improve student engagement.

  • Manage enrollments in diverse programs

  • The Enrollment Manager is built to meet the unique requirements of non-traditional higher education. It is highly flexible and enables staff to search, browse and enroll students in credit or non-credit courses, seminars, certificates and more. It accommodates numerous pricing models, including bundles, subscriptions and corporate invoicing and supports drop, refund and discount rules.

  • Provide a student-centric experience

  • The Enrollment Manager allows staff to manage each of the institution’s customers, regardless of whether they are online students, corporate employees, campers, conference attendees, international learners, or any other type of student. Staff can use complete student profiles to store information and contextually engage with learners.

  • Automate processes to improve staff productivity

  • Staff configure your unique business rules and let the system enforce them. From waitlist management to incoming inquiries, from prerequisite validation to course provisioning, and more, you can be sure that students will be given the correct information, that data will be correctly and securely stored, and that processes will move along smoothly. Staff save time and students get a consistent experience.