Key Features of Destiny One

Finance Manager

The Finance Manager tracks and manages your school’s financial information. It provides you with up-to-date and accurate financial data so that you can make the right decisions for your staff and students. The Finance Manager makes your staff more efficient and your business more secure by tightly governing your accounting transactions.

  • Define accounting practices

  • The Finance Manager provides the flexibility to define General Ledge (GL) Accounts and specify which transaction funds should be assigned to which GL Account. A variety of rules can be configured to manage the ramifications of students having overdue invoices.

  • Support numerous transaction types

  • The Finance Manager gives you the flexibility to accommodate your students’ needs and preferences. It supports numerous forms of payment, from credit cards to checks, bank debit to invoicing and more. It also supports multiple pricing schemes even for the same course so you can maximize your enrollments and your sales.

  • Secure data with top security certifications

  • You can be confident that every transaction and record is protected by rigid security protocols. We have a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) on staff and always maintain top-level security certifications for our application, including PCI PA-DSS. Our world-class security protocols provide students with the means to make payments securely, and ensure your staff always have accurate and consistent data.

  • Account for all actions

  • The Finance Manager tracks and reports on every transaction and adjustment in the system. You can easily account for each action and can quickly tell which user is responsible for it. The Finance Manager uses accounting best practices, including time-based accounting and a general ledger (GL) reconciliation. With over 50 financial reports, it helps you improve how you manage and monitor your business.