Key Features of Destiny One

Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager gives you the tools you need to foster world-class customer engagement with learners before, during and after enrollment. It lets you grow programs by accurately targeting marketing initiatives at the right audiences, while providing analytics to let you constantly refine and improve your campaigns.

  • Define look and feel for a consistent student experience

  • Create a unified student experience by defining school colors, logos and other branding elements in minutes. Upload your own styling to easily configure a fully responsive and mobile-friendly public view so current and prospective students can engage with you from anywhere and at anytime.

  • Launch and monitor targeted campaigns

  • Use rich insights into learners’ preferences, goals and interests to target specific communications to specific groups. Use closed-loop feedback mechanisms to track the effectiveness of each campaign, ensuring you are spending marketing time and money wisely.

  • Publish easily searchable course information

  • The Marketing Manager automates online and print publishing so you can start marketing courses immediately. Using the built-in web content manager, you can power the school’s public, student, corporate and instruction websites or portals. Advanced search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities will help make sure students can find your offerings.