Key Features of Destiny One

System Administration Manager

The System Administration Manager gives you a centralized view to manage and configure the entire Destiny One platform so that it supports your school’s unique processes.

  • Configure workflows to increase efficiency

  • Workflows are used to increase efficiency by ensuring that the right person is alerted to a task at the right time. We offer 30 out-of-the-box workflows to promote productivity and adherence to best practices. The System Administration Manager allows you to define who will receive each task as the workflow progresses.

  • Control staff roles and permissions

  • Staff users are given permissions based on their department and their role. Use the System Administration Manager to set up user profiles and define roles to make sure that each staff member has access and control over the right areas of the system.

  • Customize your school’s information on your website and across all communications channels

  • The System Administration Manager lets you input your school’s information once and display it dynamically on your website and across your communications channels. Input and customize important details including the school’s name, website address, contact information and logo.

  • Set-up enrollment rules and fees

  • The System Administration Manager allows you to create fees, such as discounts, service charges and tuition profiles that can be defined once and subsequently referenced during curriculum creation. In addition, schools can create enrollment rules, allowing the school to control who can enroll in each course – for example if there is an age requirement or the student needs a specific membership.

    Watch this short under 3 minute demo on the Workflow Manager walking you through how this tool helps staff be more efficient by helping automate repetitive tasks in higher education institutions.