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Who we are

At Destiny Solutions we are passionate about evolving the higher education industry.

We provide non-traditional higher education programs with trusted technology solutions allowing them to engage their students with an Amazon-like experience, optimize staff efficiency, and provide business intelligence empowering data-driven decisions.

What we do

Destiny One is Customer Lifecycle Management software, allowing schools to unite, understand and control all aspects of their business at once.

Watch this demo to learn how Destiny One can help you engage your learners like customers and make your staff more efficient.

Meet The EvoLLLution

The EvoLLLution is an online newspaper that Destiny Solutions founded in 2012 to inspire transformative change in the higher education industry.

It is exclusively for and by those who understand higher education best.

We publish articles and interviews by individuals across the postsecondary space sharing their insights on higher education and their opinions on what the future holds for the industry—all through a uniquely non-traditional lens.

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