Professional Services Organization

The Destiny Solutions Professional Services Organization works closely with our clients to plan, implement and configure our software to meet each school’s needs. We have a strong track record, with 100 percent of our implementations successfully going live. We attribute this achievement to our trusted team and our proven implementation process.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of certified experts who specialize in non-traditional higher education. Our project teams typically consist of an executive sponsor, project authority, project manager, business analyst, subject matter experts, development lead and client services support representative.

Our Implementation Process

We break our implementations down into four major stages—Discovery, Requirements, Implementation, and Transition to Support. Throughout all phases of the project, we use PM-certified processes and controls that are designed to rapidly analyze your institution’s unique business practices and promote effective change management throughout your organization.

Right from the start, we work closely with our clients to determine how Destiny One should be configured and whether any customizations are required. Together, we define the project scope and schedule in a transparent and progressive way. We also clearly define the project roles and responsibilities and provide estimates on required client effort, so that you have a good understanding of what to expect and what is needed from your team. Throughout the process we will guide you and provide access to best practices, but you will make the decisions about how you want Destiny One configured so that Destiny One operates seamlessly within your overall business environment.

Destiny One implementations typically fall into two categories—standard and custom. With a standard implementation, the client uses the product out-of-the-box, with little or no new customizations or integrations. This type of implementation usually lasts about four months, from kickoff to go-live. Custom implementations, on the other hand, involve customizations and integrations. We use a multi-phase approach for this type of implementation, and they generally require five to six months to complete. This timeline depends on the speed at which our clients make decisions related to business process change and project scope (data migration, integrations, customizations) and the availability of dedicated project resources.

Regardless of whether you chose a standard or custom implementation, we provide you with expert guidance on your User Acceptance Testing and Go Live Planning, as well as training on the software. Our team takes a train-the-trainer approach and designs each training session specifically for your Destiny One installation. Our goal is to ensure that you are ready and able to use Destiny One in an efficient and effective manner that supports your business goals and fosters world-class customer engagement with your students.