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Managing English Language Programs

For a higher education institution to remain financially strong over the long term they need to offer niche programs that meet the specific demands of unique audiences rather than trying to make the same degree programs work for everyone. The non-traditional higher education market is a collection of numerous submarkets, all unique and rich with opportunity for differentiation.

This video explores three non-traditional sub-markets that stand out for being particularly lucrative: corporate training, Intensive English Language Programs (IELPs) and non-credit higher education.

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Across the board, colleges and universities from coast to coast are trying to grow their international enrollments. Right now, a very small number of institutions enroll the vast majority of students in the US.

Many college and university leaders simply don’t see how they can break into the space or increase their footprint. But the answer is actually quite clear: Intensive English Language Programs (IELPs).

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Private providers are breaking into the IELP marketplace and succeeding at the expense of colleges and universities.

This video breaks down what institutions need to do in order to regain a competitive edge with their in-house IELP programs.

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The Intensive English Language Program (IELP) marketplace is rich with opportunity for colleges and universities that understand it. After all, there’s a great diversity of students, interests and competitors in this space.

Watch this video to learn where today’s IELP students are coming from and to gain a greater understanding of their interests. Also, learn more about other providers in the IELP space who American colleges and universities should be watching.

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The New Student Experience

Rising numbers of non-traditional students have made the customer experience central to the student experience. The consumer mindset they bring to the table is forcing colleges and universities to change the way they operate.

Today, students in higher education want to set the terms of their experience. They want more personalization and customization from their institutions. Simply put, they want to enjoy an experience that matches what they have become used to in the consumer world.

It’s critical for college and university leaders to adapt to this shift, or their institutions will be left behind.

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Non-traditional students expect flexibility from their universities, both inside and outside the classroom. But what does this really mean?

Being flexible means so much more than putting on an evening course or keeping phone banks open on the weekends. Non-traditional students want a personalized and customized higher education experience that’s responsive to their unique needs.

There is no one-size-fits-all option for non-traditional students: they’ll enroll in the program that meets their career goals and scheduling needs.

It is up to colleges and universities to design a college experience that fits the expectations of their students rather than trying to push that educational pathway into pre-defined boxes.

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As with any paradigm shift, the idea that institutions must treat students as customers has come under heavy criticism. Higher education’s old guard has been resistant to this fundamental switch, but that resistance unfortunately leaves institutions unable to meet the needs and expectations of today’s students.

If you’re worried that customer service is going to make students feel like customers you’re too late—they already think of themselves as customers.

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Higher education institutions need to do more to effectively leverage technologies to meet the needs of today’s students. This starts with a mindset shift that moves college and university leaders from thinking about what’s best for the institution to thinking about what’s best for the student.

Once this transition takes place, it’s possible for institutions to unlock the possibilities of the tools, systems and solutions designed to improve student engagement and deliver the experience today’s learners want.

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Destiny One Software in Action

The Destiny One International and Specialty Programs Manager is a student-centric SaaS application that facilitates and simplifies how your school manages ELP, ESL and other international programs.

It allows institutions to engage more effectively with international and ESL students, coordinate recruiters and sponsors more efficiently, and streamline program management.

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