Two Non-traditional Students Receive Scholarship to Pursue Higher Education

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Destiny Solutions congratulates the winners of the seventh annual Mary Cone Barrie Scholarship Award

Destiny Solutions today announced the winners of the annual Mary Cone Barrie Scholarship. David Godoy, 41, and Nikki Karakostas, 28, have each been awarded $2,500 for their determination to pursue a higher education credential.

Godoy, who is originally from Venezuela, came to the United States to study manufacturing engineering to support his wife and four children. He is attending Salt Lake Community College and expects to graduate in May 2016. Upon receiving his associate’s degree, he plans to begin working in the field while pursuing his bachelor’s degree in manufacturing or industrial engineering.

“Where I grew up, engineers were, and are, highly respected for their role in society and the economy of the country,” said Godoy. “I chose manufacturing engineering because I’d love to work in process control, evaluation engineering and re-engineering.”

Karakostas, the second Mary Cone Barrie Scholarship recipient, is enrolled at the George Washington University in a Master’s of Law Firm Management. She has worked in the legal industry for nine years and is returning to higher education after previously obtaining a paralegal certificate.  Upon graduation in December 2015, she wishes to move into a law firm administration position.

“Higher education has continued to make me a better person. Coming from an educationally weak background, it has improved my intellect, my wit, and my appreciation for the written word,” said Karakostas. “Higher education truly does open doors.”

Destiny Solutions is a Toronto-based firm that builds software for non-traditional divisions of higher education institutions. The company founded The Mary Cone Barrie Scholarship back in 2008 to recognize and celebrate adult learners who continue to pursue higher education at an accredited college or university. The Mary Cone Barrie Scholarship is named in honor of the late Dr. Mary Cone Barrie, director of the School of Continuing Studies at the University of Toronto.

“The higher education industry is changing and institutions can no longer rely on the same traditional model to support the needs of today’s students.” said Shaul Kuper, president and CEO of Destiny Solutions “David and Nikki are prime examples of the dedication today’s non-traditional learners bring to their studies and we are proud to help them along on their journey.”

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Destiny Solutions creates business management software for universities and colleges that helps them to successfully attract, manage and maintain their non-traditional students. What makes us truly unique is the fact that our software satisfies the specific needs of continuing education extensions, corporate training divisions, international programs, online schools and other units with distinctive requirements, while enforcing system-wide objectives across the institution. We unite best of breed capabilities with economies of scale so that each unit is empowered by a single solution.

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