What's new in Destiny One

We are excited to announce the launch of Destiny One’s Release 5.1

This is yet another major release that includes a number of features to improve how schools manage programs, engage with learners, and use data. Release 5.1 includes:

  • Destiny One Dashboards
    This release marks the launch of Destiny One Dashboards, powered by Tableau®. School staff can now explore 42 engaging and powerful visualizations to help see trends and leverage data-driven intelligence. Dashboard categories are as follows:
        – Curriculum and Offerings
        – Enrollments
        – Financials
        – Applications
        – Student/Group Outcomes
        – Instructors
        – Facilities
  • Setup Assistant
    Designed for brand new Destiny One customers, this assistant guides you step-by-step through the Destiny One setup process. It includes in-line instructions to complete setup tasks and tracks completion of different tasks across multiple users
  • Configuration Editor
    This new search tool lets system administrators find and edit common configuration properties. They can view the current value and make and commit changes. All property changes are maintained for auditing purposes. The most common properties changed during a rapid implementation are included in the Setup Assistant.
  • Multi-Program Enhancements
    These new optional features allow schools more flexibility in operating programs autonomously. Schools can now brand each costing unit or program office independently and set separate policies, contact information, and more. There are new options to display additional search filters and program office or costing unit information on the school’s website so students can gather all the information they need more easily.
  • Ability to Tie a Bundle to a Certificate with Electives
    It is now possible to associate a bundle to a certificate that has elective courses. A new purchasable maximum attribute added to certificate streams determines how many courses a student is eligible to buy with the bundle price.
  • More Web Services
    Thirteen new web services have been added to the library, including student wait list transactions, drops, application processing, retrieving group profile information, and accessing student enrollment history. Additionally, eight more http post notifications have been added to the library, including notices for transactions, applications, grading, certificates, enrollments, wait list, and abandoned section enrollments.
  • Platform Upgrades
    We have upgraded the application server support to MS Windows 2012, the database server support to MS SQL 2014 and a number of other server technologies, including Apache, Tomcat, and IIS.

Previous Update: Release 5.0

We are always adding new features to Destiny One. Our most recent upgrade, Release 5.0, includes a number of capabilities that catalyze world-class customer engagement with learners. They include:

  • Language Packs: Destiny One customers can now offer a public-facing website in different languages so that schools can connect with customers across the world. Students and prospective students can select their preferred language for communication and web browsing. Read more about Destiny One Language Packs
  • In-person PCI-certified P2P Encrypted Payment Option: Destiny One now accepts in-person credit card payments through the addition of a PCI-certified point-to-point encryption credit card swipe device. Registration and finance staff can swipe credit cards through the device instead of typing in the credit card numbers. The credit card information remains encrypted throughout the entire transaction process, ensuring end-to-end security of the information.
  • Supplementary Web Services: Seven new Destiny Connect web services have been added to Destiny One, expanding the communication options between Destiny One and third-party software applications. Customers can use the new web services to programmatically work with group and student records in Destiny One, perform enrollments of students in course sections or bundles, or use a new automated notification service when certain events occur.
  • Additional Financial Enhancements: A number of additional financial and payment enhancements give schools more flexibility on how they manage payments and refunds. These include automating credit card refunds for course drops and transfers, allowing group administrators to pay down invoices online using a credit card, and more.
  • International and Speciality Programs Manager (ISPM) Enhancements: Students can browse ISPM-specific program offerings and enroll online using a self-service shopping cart. ISPM staff users are now able to bulk enroll first-time and returning students more easily, access additional program and schedule reporting, and much more. Learn more about our Destiny One ISPM Manager.