Destiny Solutions is Pleased to Announce the Launch of Destiny One Release 2019.1

The dominant themes of this release are new language support, invoicing usability enhancements, and integration with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. Spanish Mexican Language Pack

All public facing pages of the Public View, online checkout, and Student View, as well as certain student-facing emails and reports, are now available in Spanish Mexican. Students can toggle the display language between English and any other enabled language pack. This new language pack can be purchased on its own, or in conjunction with the existing French-Canadian language pack. Language packs are useful when our customers offer curriculum in multiple languages or when they offer courses to students in locations where English is not the official or dominant language.

Invoicing Enhancements

As a result of feedback provided from a customer working group, a number of invoicing usability and efficiency enhancements were introduced in this release.

  • You can now define an override invoice due date for individual sellables. This is useful in cases where payments are due a certain number of days before or after the offering starts (or ends). Override invoice due dates automatically appear on invoices when applicable to Public and Staff View transactions. A new batch Create Invoices feature has been added to the Staff View Enrollment Manager transaction settlement page.
  • You can now define an override invoice due date for individual corporate contracts. This is useful when one company has special payment terms associated with their corporate offerings.
  • We updated the Invoice Due Reminder email templates to include a hyperlink that directs the user to the appropriate portal to pay down the invoice.
  • We redesigned the Staff View > EM > (Student and Group) Profile > Accounts > Invoices page for improved usability and search capabilities. We also added a new view to the student version of this page to see outstanding invoices by Item rather than by invoice number.
  • We redesigned the Student View > My Invoices page with tabs to see Outstanding Invoices as well as a new Invoiced Items view.

New Enrollment Restriction Based on Country

To support schools which (a) can only offer courses to students if they are residents in the USA, or (b) cannot offer courses to students if they are residents in an embargoed country (such as Iraq, Iran, Syria, and North Korea), we added a new enrollment restriction that checks the student’s preferred address country. This ensures the address matches a list of allowed countries, or is not one of a list of disallowed countries.

Destiny Connect PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Connector

Destiny One can now exchange data with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions using an intermediary integration platform as a service (iPaas) product called SnapLogic. This connector between Destiny One and PeopleSoft supports both batch and real-time integrations to allow:

  • Shared credit-based courses and sections with PeopleSoft as the system of record.
  • Credit students can maintain a single record shared by both systems, with PeopleSoft as the system of record.
  • Credit enrollments in course sections can be initiated in Destiny One with eligibility and capacity checks performed in real-time in PeopleSoft.

The Destiny Connect PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Connector is a separately licensable module.


We have changed the label of our Destiny Connect “HTTP Post Notifications” to “Webhooks”. No functional changes accompany this change in nomenclature.

Web Services

Refer to the release notes for a summary of the four legacy web services that are being deprecated in the 2019.1 release. We have replaced these services with new ones that are more performant.

Bootstrap 4 Upgrade

We are rolling out a major upgrade to the front-end framework that drives the Destiny One Public View web application. Bootstrap 4.x is a significant upgrade over v3.x and includes a number of security enhancements and framework changes. For more information including a recorded webinar describing the upgrade process, refer to the GROW customer portal.

JDK Upgrade

As of Version 2019.1, the Destiny One application will be certified to run on Open JDK version jdk8u192-b12.

  • For hosted clients, the version change will happen as part of the feature pack deployment. No further action is required for hosted clients.
  • For on-premise clients, instructions to upgrade the JDK will be included in the standard upgrade documentation.