What's new in Destiny One

We are excited to announce the launch of Destiny One’s Release 5.4

This release provides exciting new improvements to our Public Checkout and Conference Manager, as well as usability, accessibility and performance improvements. Release 5.4 includes:

  • Shopping Cart Enhancements
    • Persistent Shopping Cart: Starting with this release, when a user adds a supported item to the public shopping cart, Destiny One will save a persistent client-side cookie to the database which stores the contents of the cart. When recovered, the system will then update cart based on availability and provide the user with applicable notification messages.
    • Abandoned Cart Email Reminder: When a user abandons a public shopping cart, they receive an email notification reminding them of the items left in their cart. This reminder email now includes all cart contents along with a hyperlink to reconstruct the shopping cart.
    • Abandoned and Recovered Cart Report: We have added a new report to monitor abandoned carts as well as those that have been recovered along with the resulting gain in sales.
    • Users May Now Save Items in their Shopping Cart for Later: This function removes the item from the cart and places it in a Saved Items list, which appears below the cart on the same page.
  • Conference Manager Enhancements
    In this release, users can now apply conference discounts to add-ons; and a group administrator can now enroll members in different packages in the same transaction.
  • Receipt/Invoice PDF Report
    We upgraded the Receipt/Invoice PDF Report to show the current outstanding balance if there has been any invoice pay down activity.
  • Public View Accessibility and Performance Enhancements
    We have made a number of accessibility enhancements to the Public View for users leveraging assistive technologies. We also implemented new compression and caching strategies to improve page load times and overall performance.

Previous Update: Release 5.3

This release included a number of features to improve how schools manage programs, engage with learners, and use data. Release 5.3 includes:

  • Family Checkout and Family Portal: This release marked the launch of Destiny One’s Family Checkout and Family Portal. Parents and Guardians may now manage a family group and perform enrollments for multiple family members in a single transaction on the Public View.
  • Staff Mediated Cancellations of Standalone Special Requests: This feature allows staff members to cancel and refund (if applicable) standalone special requests purchases through the staff view, further streamlining the staff users refunding process
  • Conference Manager Enhancements: In this release, a number of enhancements to the Conference Manager were made such as; support for academic/professional development units, ability for users to add or cancel add-ons after initial conference registration and redesigned a few Conference Manager Pages.
  • Destiny One Dashboard: Author and Connect Package Improvements: We have made a couple leaps in Destiny One Dashboards; customers of Author and Connect pages can now publish their dashboards and dashboard thumbnails are now dynamic showing school’s data.
  • Label Editor: School administrators can now use self-service tools to configure almost any Staff or Public View Labels.
  • Destiny Connect Salesforce┬« Connector Powered by SnapLogic┬«: Destiny Connect Salesforce Connector powered by SnapLogic is now available, allowing student and contact data exchange between Destiny One and Salesforce. This connector is separately licensable.

Previous Update: Release 5.2

We are always adding new features to Destiny One. Our most recent upgrade, Release 5.2, includes a number of capabilities that catalyze world-class customer engagement with learners. They include:

  • Destiny One Badging: This release marks the launch of Destiny One Badging, in partnership with Credly. Users may now issue badges directly within Destiny One for course sections, certificates, conferences and program offerings.
  • ISPM Version 3: We made a number of upgrades to the International and Specialty Programs Manager including, SEVIS batch enhancements, usability improvements, attendance tracking sheet, option to invite returning students to self-enroll in the next program offering, and much more.
  • Conference Manager Enhancements: We made a number of enhancements to the Conference Manager including, allowing conferences to allow other payment methods, self-service cancellation and automated refunds, file uploads for conferences, and a conference completion report for each conference that can be issued to participants.
  • Destiny One Dashboards: My Favorites In the release we added the My Favorites page was added so individual staff members can have easy access to the dashboards they want to view most.
  • System Accounts: We added a new System Accounts feature, allowing users to track several accounts that are not tied to specific staff users (Super User, Web Registrar, Web Services User, etc) allowing you to control the credentials for these accounts, independent of any third party authentication service that your institution may use.
  • More Web Services: 10 new web services ahave been added to the library allowing users to get student and group enrollment information for all of the curriculum types in Destiny One.
  • Location-Based Sales Tax: We added a new Location-Based Sales Tax feature allowing institutions to define jurisdictional sales tax rates at the State or Provincial level.

Previous Update: Release 5.1

Release 5.1, includes a number of capabilities that catalyze world-class customer engagement with learners. They include:

  • Destiny One Dashboards: This release marks the launch of Destiny One Dashboards, powered by Tableau┬«. School staff can now explore 42 engaging and powerful visualizations to help see trends and leverage data-driven intelligence.
  • Setup Assistant: Designed for brand new Destiny One customers, this assistant guides you step-by-step through the Destiny One setup process. This includes in-line instructions to complete setup tasks and tracks completion of different tasks across multiple users
  • Configuration Editor: New search tool allowing system administrators find and edit common configuration properties. They can view the current value and make and commit changes.
  • Multi-Program Enhancements: This release sparked new optional features allowing more flexibility in operating programs such as being able to brand and customize costing units and program offices independently and added additional search filters on the public view so students can gather information more easily.
  • Bundling Electives: Schools can now associate a bundle to a certificate that has elective courses.
  • More Web Services: 13 new web services and 8 more http post notifications have been added to the library.
  • Platform Upgrades: Upgrades to MS Windows 2012, MS SQL 2014 and a number of other server technologies, including Apache, Tomcat, and IIS.